Common Work Related Injuries

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Being injured is never anticipated, especially at work. So often we assume the machines, tools, and equipment that we use automatically works and protect us but the truth is, we must take steps to prevent injuries. Thousands of people die due to work-related mishaps and so many more sustain serious injuries. Among the most common types of workplace injuries include:

·    Falling Objects: Look out overhead! Improperly stacked boxes, pallets, merchandise, etc. risks falling -and if you’re underneath, serious injury may result.

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·    Slips & Falls: No wet sign on the floor announcing that it was wet? That’s a big no-no in the workplace. Slip and fall accidents occur due to this mishap and many others.

·    Back Strains & Sprains: Improper lifting causes back strains and sprains that sometimes lead to serious, permanent injuries. Never rush to get the job done and forget to use proper lifting techniques.

·    Vehicle Related Accidents: Forklifts and scissor machine accidents are common in warehouse and machinery types of businesses. Be on the lookout for moving vehicles within the facility to prevent injury.

·    Repetitive Strain: These injuries occur to the wrists, hands, ankles, feet, and other extremities and occur as a result of improper lifting, standing for long periods of time, repeated use of the hands, and many other causes. People who work in offices and who work with their hands find repetitive strain injuries common. To prevent these injuries, use ergonomic chairs and items to reduce the strain.

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